ACTIVE: A member who has been initiated into lifelong fraternity or sorority membership and is active at the collegiate level.

ALUMNI/AE: Initiated fraternity or sorority members who have graduated from college.

BID: A formal invitation to join a particular sorority or fraternity.

BIG BROTHER/BIG SISTER: An active member who serves as a mentor to a new member during their new member program.

CALL: A vocal sound used by members of NPHC and MGC organizations to acknowledge one another.

CHAPTER: The local group of a larger national organization designated by a special name or Greek letters.

CONTINUOUS OPEN RECRUITMENT: Informal recruitment process that takes place after the conclusion of Formal Panhellenic Recruitment.

FORMAL PANHELLENIC RECRUITMENT: A series of events given by each sorority that are designed to introduce sorority life to potential new members. Formal Recruitment is scheduled by the Panhellenic Council.

HOUSE DIRECTOR: A person hired by the housing corporation board to live in the chapter house and supervise the facility.

IFC RECRUITMENT: A week-long period in which fraternities and potential new members become acquainted.

INITIATION: The formal ceremony that marks the beginning of active membership. Each chapter has a different set of initiation requirements.

INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL (IFC): The governing body of 26 UF social fraternities.

INTERNATIONAL/NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS: The central organization of a particular fraternity or sorority.

LEGACY: A prospective member whose grandparent, parent, or sibling is an alumnus of, or active in, a particular fraternity or sorority. (Please note that most organizations are not obligated to pledge or extend bids to legacies.)

LINE: Term used to describe the members of a new member class in NPHC and MGC organizations.

MEMBERSHIP INTAKE: The process that NPHC and MGC chapters utilize to recruit, interview, select, and initiate new members. The period of membership intake varies, but cannot exceed eight weeks.

MULTICULTURAL GREEK COUNCIL (MGC): The governing body of the 12 culturally based social fraternities and sororities at UF.

NEOPHYTE: A member of the last line to cross in the local chapter of a NPHC or MGC organization.

NATIONAL PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL (NPHC): The governing body for the 9 historically black fraternities and sororities at UF. This is also the name of the national governing body and is sometimes referred to as the Divine Nine.

NEW MEMBER/PLEDGE: A member of a fraternity or sorority going through the new member education/pledging process.

NEW MEMBER EDUCATION PROGRAM: A period of education when new members learn the history, ideals, and values of fraternity and sorority life. The timeframe varies, but cannot exceed eight weeks.

NEW MEMBER EDUCATOR/MEMBERSHIP INTAKE COORDINATOR: The liaison between new members and the chapter. This person is responsible for implementing and monitoring the new member program and preparing new members for initiation.

ORDER OF OMEGA: Order of Omega is a leadership honor society for members of Greek organizations.

PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: The governing body for the 18 UF National Panhellenic Conference sororities/women’s fraternities.

PHILANTHROPY: A charitable fundraiser sponsored by a sorority or fraternity.

POTENTIAL NEW MEMBER (PNM): A college student participating in recruitment.

PRESENTATION SHOW: The introduction of a line to campus. This is usually the first full step show/ exhibition performed by members of the new member class of a MGC or NPHC organization.

PROPHYTE: A neophyte becomes a prophyte after another line is initiated.

RECRUITMENT/RUSH CHAIR: An active member of a sorority or fraternity who is in charge of recruitment efforts for the chapter.

RECRUITMENT COUNSELOR (PI CHI): A trained Panhellenic Council sorority member who has disassociated herself from her chapter during Formal Panhellenic Recruitment in order to counsel and assist potential new members during recruitment.

SOCIAL: A get-together with another group for a party, dinner, or fun occasion.

STROLL OR PARTY HOP: A line dance by members of NPHC or MGC organizations.

THE SET: An area on UF’s Turlington Plaza where MGC and NPHC groups table and congregate.