Unifying the Florida Greek Community, the pillars of Scholarship, Service, Leadership, and Community encourage growth and connection.  A focus on these core values enables members to strive for success through a multitude of personal and professional development opportunities.



Maintaining a high level of academic success is a tradition within the Florida Greek community. Many resources and programs are available to maintain high scholastic success including:

  • Scholarship Chairs
  • Study Hours
  • Incentive Programs
  • Partnership

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Members are empowered to make a positive impact on the community and develop an understanding of civic responsibility through the process of serving others. This pillar promotes unity among members and cultivates responsibility, appreciation for differences, empathy, and other critical skills.



The Florida Greek community is an excellent place to gain the experience and knowledge necessary to develop strong leadership skills. The community is largely self-governing, giving student leaders the opportunity to shape policies and standards for their own organizations, as well as the larger fraternity and sorority community. Serving as an officer or committee chair in a chapter or governing council will help an individual develop a multitude of leadership skills including conflict management, delegation, decision making, and effective communication skills.



Brotherhood and sisterhood are bonds of unity and enduring friendship. As a member of the Greek community you will meet other students with diverse backgrounds, similar interests, and new perspectives during some of the brotherhood and sisterhood activities such as chapter retreats, intramural sports, socials and leadership opportunities.