Order of Omega is an all-Greek honor society. The purpose of Order of Omega is to recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of scholarship, leadership in inter-fraternal activities, and service to the University of Florida and Gainesville communities.

Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami in 1959 by a group of outstanding fraternity men, who felt that individuals in the Greek community should be recognized for their service to the fraternity community and the University. Since 1959, Order of Omega has expanded to over 500 college campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Originally founded in 1968 as Order of Omega’s ninth chapter, the Omega Zeta chapter the University of Florida has initiated many members and is proud that our members are some of the most influential and upstanding students on our campus.


  • To recognize those fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in interfraternity activities, to encourage them to continue along this line, and to inspire others to strive for similar conspicuous attainment;
  • To unite outstanding fraternity men and women to create an organization which will help to mold the sentiment of the institution on questions of local and intercollegiate fraternity affairs;
  • To bring together members of the faculty, alumni, and student members of the institution’s fraternities and sororities on a basis of mutual interest, understanding and helpfulness; and
  • To help create an atmosphere where ideas and issues can be discussed openly across Greek lines and to help work out solutions.

Membership Qualifications

  • Have completed one full academic year at the University of Florida
  • Sophomore or higher class standing
  • Meet or exceed the Florida Greek cumulative GPA (Based on current All-Greek GPA)
  • Be in good standing with his or her fraternal organization

For more information about Order of Omega, please email fernandez.c1@ufl.edu