New Members/Total Members

These two columns represent the number of new members joining the chapter during that semester and the total number of members (number members plus already active members).

GPA Columns

This information relates to the average GPA for that semester. If no information is listed, then grades have not yet been calculated for that semester. However, as soon as grades are available, the scorecard will be updated with that information. For previous, or more complete, chapter GPA information, please review past semester Greek grade reports here.

House Fire Safety Score

The University of Florida’s Division of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) conducts comprehensive inspections of all fraternity or sorority houses to ensure compliance with recognized fire codes and criteria. Inspections are conducted at least once per year, if not each semester. Violations of fire codes are assigned a point value based on the violations’ severity. Upon completion of an inspection, the inspector tabulates the total number of points assigned to a house and determines whether they passed (Level 1 or Level 2) or failed (Level 3) the inspection. Houses must correct the violations within 30 days or may face a variety of restrictions, including not being allowed to host social events in the house.

Additional information regarding the Greek Fire Safety Program is available here.

House Food Safety Score

The Florida Department of Health (DOH) conducts inspections of any kitchens operating in a fraternity or sorority house. Inspections typically occur 3 times per year. The Food Safety Program entry contains the chapter’s status with the DOH as of the date listed on the chart (kitchens are either ranked satisfactory or unsatisfactory). Additional information regarding the DOH inspection process is available here. DOH’s online tool for searching the results of a kitchen’s past inspections is available here.

Training Attendance

Chapter Advisor Training – each year Sorority and Fraternity Life hosts a mandatory chapter advisor training session. At least one chapter advisor from each chapter is required to attend.

House Director Training – each year Sorority and Fraternity Life hosts a mandatory house director training session.

Risk Manager Training – each semester Sorority and Fraternity Life facilitates a training session for chapter member risk managers.

New Member Educator Training – each semester Sorority and Fraternity Life facilitates a training session for chapter new member educators.

Social Risk Management Training – each semester Sorority and Fraternity Life facilitates a training session on social event guidelines and policies. At least the president, risk manager, or social chair must attend to get credit.

Organizational Conduct

As is the case with individual students, all Greek chapters (and all student organizations in general) must comply with the Student Honor Code and the Student Conduct Code and related policies. A finding that a Greek organization has violated the conduct code or other policies can result in the organization’s status with the university changing to one of the following categories: reprimand, conduct review, deferred suspension/probation, loss of University privileges, suspension or expulsion (a more detailed explanation of each of these terms is available here). The UF Greek Scorecard lists the chapter’s current status with the university. A more thorough review of each chapter’s disciplinary history, if any, can be found here: Interfraternity Council (IFC); Multicultural Greek Council (MGC); National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC); and Panhellenic Council (PC).

Florida Greek Standard Accreditation Score/Status

The Florida Greek Standards Accreditation Program (FGS) is a set of guidelines and achievements that establishes minimum operating standards for social sororities and fraternities at the University of Florida and allows chapters the opportunity to demonstrate success above and beyond the minimum expectations. The FGS is based upon the chapter’s completion of the minimum requirements and additional opportunities for excellence as outlined in our policy. Each chapter receives an official designation in one of the four categories – Chapter of Excellence, Noteworthy Chapter, Accredited Chapter, and Provisional Chapter – reflecting each group’s achievement for the previous academic year.

Specific information related to the FGS Program is available on the Accreditation Status page of our website, along with chapters’ FGS current status.

Community Service and Fundraising

These amounts only represent what was reported to the Office of Sorority & Fraternity Life by each chapter through the Florida Greek Standards program. Chapter members may have volunteered more hours of service. Chapters may have also conducted other philanthropic efforts other than raising money (i.e. providing food or other goods to charities).

Additional Resources

We understand that safety is always a consideration to take into account when deciding where to live. All three local crime enforcement agencies (University of Florida Police Department, Gainesville Police Department, and Alachua County Sheriff’s office) contribute information about crime reports to a central data base, Although this report only lists crime for the past two weeks, broader ranges of time can be shown by expanding the surveyed dates using the filter at the top of the page.