Serving as a resource for the Greek community, Florida Greek Ambassadors are comprised of volunteers from all councils, that assist with creating an inclusive environment for all members of the Greek Community.  Working with each council, Florida Greek Ambassadors work to provide educational opportunities on a variety of topics including Florida Greek Accreditation Standards, Risk Management, and university policies. In addition, they also act as a bridge between students who may be interested in joining organizations providing information on the various councils, the recruitment process, and the benefits of Greek Life at UF.  These dedicated students are continuously working with the UF community to further promote Greek Life and our values.


  • Serve to promote the core values of social sororities and fraternities at the University of Florida
  • Create positive awareness of the Florida Greek Community through educating current members on relevant issues and community/university policies
  • Inform prospective students, non-affiliated students, parents, faculty/staff, and Gainesville community on the accurate benefits and contributions of sorority and fraternity life

Presentation Request

If you would like to request a presentation by our ambassadors please fill out the presentation request form on GatorConnect and we will be in contact with you soon.


sarah Liu

2024-2025 Florida Greek Ambassadors

  • Alexa Rodriguez
  • Alexander Benashvili
  • Alexandra Polo
  • Anna Berstein
  • Anna Schafhauser
  • Brooke Cooney
  • Caleigh Zaguirre
  • Cameron Bailey
  • Catherine Isakson
  • Colin McDermott
  • Connor Fetters
  • Danielle Work
  • Gabriel Chandley
  • Gabriela Vega
  • Gracyn Frederick
  • Hardy Polk
  • Hunter Allen
  • Isabella Kabacinski
  • Jack Gregg
  • Jacob Tracy
  • Jacqueline Sipio
  • Jeremy Kleberg
  • Julia Abbaticchio
  • Justin Dario
  • Katrina Langer
  • Katie McKibben
  • Kiara Arce
  • Lauren Prangley
  • Laynie Mckinnon
  • Lexie Sealy
  • Luke Esper
  • Madeline Dahlman
  • Makayla Raphael
  • Matthew Carmona
  • Mitchell McGruder
  • Nader Makland
  • Nick Andrews
    • Paul Bardunias
    • Peyton Propper
    • Richard Dolson
    • Ronan Bray
    • Saket Singh
    • Samuel Gold
    • Sarah Watson
    • Sebastian Palomino
    • Sofia Areas Mayorga
    • Summer Knight
    • Sydney Yee
    • Tara Patel
    • Trini Talbot
    • Tyler Burton
    • Valeria Kovtun
    • Victoria Michalski
    • Victoria Poliak
    • Yasmine Lindsey


    Have a question about the Florida Greek community?
    Our Florida Greek Ambassadors will be happy to connect with you as you navigate your student experience and consider one of our sororities and fraternities.